July 2nd – What’s Happening At The Pool…

Hello Wedgwood!

Hello swimmers, First full week of summer hours coming your way! As we pick up steam (and degrees) a couple of reminders for everyone. 

No glass on the pool grounds. It is a safety hazard for everyone. Leave your glass at home, if you forget and accidentally bring some, leave it in your car. If you did not drive, leave it with the staff to keep safe and intact while you are here. 

Food in the locker rooms. Please do not bring your food into the locker rooms. Our wonderful staff has been finding crumbs, bags of chips, hard boiled eggs and half way eaten sandwiches in there recently. Help make their job easier and enjoy your food somewhere other than the locker rooms please. 

Parking in the lot and on the street. It fills up quickly so make sure you are only taking up one spot. The stalls are tight but with care you can fit in there. So, as you park, please move slow and make sure you are within the lines. If the lot is full and you need to park on the street, be thoughtful about where you choose to do so. Our neighbors on 28th have to deal with a lot of traffic in these summer months and would appreciate your care as you park. Make sure you give driveways enough space for entry/exit, and make sure you carefully read all parking signs to ensure that you are in a legal spot. 

Pool hours for the week: Monday July 3rd – Sunday July 9th

Monday July 3rd 
    6:00AM-7:00AM Early morning lap swim 
    8:00AM-8:45 Water Aerobics 
    1:00PM-9:00PM Open Swim 

Tuesday July 4th
    10:00AM-12:00PM Lap Swim 
    12:00PM-2:00PM Fun Float! (no lap lanes) 
    2:00PM-7:00PM Open Swim 
    1:30PM-8:00PM Open Swim 

Wednesday July 5th
    6:00AM-7:00AM Early morning lap swim
    8:00AM-8:45AM Water Aerobics
    1:00PM-9:00PM Open swim 
    8:00PM-9:00PM Adult Swim Team Practice 

Thursday July 6th 
    6:00AM-7:00AM Early morning lap swim
    12:05PM – 12:50PM Water Aerobics
    1:00PM-4:00PM Open Swim 
    4:00PM Home meet Vs Sheridan Beach & Senior Night!

Friday July 7th 
    6:00AM-7:00AM Early morning lap swim
    8:00AM – 8:45AM Water Aerobics 
    1:00PM-9:00PM Open Swim

Saturday July 8th 
    11:00AM-12:00PM Adult lap swim
    12:00PM-8:00PM Open Swim 
    8:00PM – THE NEXT MORNING overnighter     

Sunday July 9th 
    11:00AM-12:00PM Adult lap swim
    12:00AM-9:00PM Open Swim 


Adult Swim Team***Adjusted start date***
Starting this week! We had to adjust the schedule a bit due to coaches availability and we are now starting on July 5th instead of July 3rd. And here is a message from your coaches Annie and Kai:

This Wednesday, July 5th, marks the start of Adult Swim Team! Practices are Mondays and Wednesdays from 8 – 9pm. We welcome adult (18+) swimmers of all abilities. We just recommend that you bring a cap, goggles, and some Wedgwood spirit! 

The Adult Swim Team meet will be on Saturday, 7/29, in the morning at one of the SSSL pools (TBD). We encourage folks to sign up for the meet even if they can’t make the practices. Sign-ups for the meet will be posted in the next few weeks.

We, your coaches, are Kai Haven and Annie Galloway. Kai and Annie grew up swimming together at Wedgwood and have been best friends ever since! Excited to see you at the pool!

For you avid adult team swimmers (and more casual swimmers who want a work out), your coaches Kai and Annie have compiled a bank of workouts that they have either created or had their butts kicked by and have kindly left them for you in the office. If you want a ready made workout for your next swim, ask a guard in the office and they will let you peruse the options. 

4th of July: Come on down for a fun float from 12-2PM and enjoy a sweet treat after! Pool will be closing at 7PM that night.   

Water Aerobics: Lets get this party started! July 3rd is the day, and our instructors are ready to go. Remember: No guests this year, $75 season pass, and $10 drop in class pass. 

Senior Night (July 6th): Come down and celebrate our senior swimmers at their last home meet. It is always a fun and emotional night! Graduating this year we have Anika Jones, Avery Wells, Cicely Griswold, Kayla Bourgeois, Thadea Wiliamson, Sam Keith, Eran Fann, Elliot Rose and Mo Berger. Lets send off our seniors with some Wedgwood love!!

Overnighter !!  
The Annual Wedgwood Overnighter is returning on Saturday, July 8th – Sunday, July 9th.  The Overnighter is an opportunity for the children to stay in the pool until 10:30PM swimming and playing games, have food, watch a movie and sleep in tents around the pool with their friends.  Every year, Chris Matsumoto runs the Wedgwood Overnighter.  He stays up all night to ensure that kids are safe and if anyone needs to call home, someone is there to help.  It is a really fun event.  

IMPORTANT REMINDER: we are NOT serving dinner. We provide some late night snacks including pizza. Your child should come to the Overnighter having already eaten dinner. 

Here is a brief rundown:

6:30PM Tents are set up
8:00PM Overnighter starts (pool stays open for participants until 10:30PM)
10:30PM Pizza, snacks and movie in the MP room
7:00AM Pick up children and tents

All participants must have a signed permission form (linked here) and available in the office. 
The cost for participation is $20 per child if they spend the night and $11 per child if they intend to leave at 11PM.