Guest Policy

  1. Each family will be allowed 20 guest visits over the summer at $8.00 per guest. A member must be with the guest at all times.
  2. Guest fees prepaid and not used will carry over the following season. They will however count toward the current season’s 20 swims.
  3. Member families past the 20 visit limit will pay $10.00 a visit per guest.
  4. House guests and boarders count once against the guest limit and are able to use the pool after that without charge. They need not be accompanied by a member. These cases must be registered in the office. House guests with a local regular residence must be cleared by the board.
  5. Larger groups of 6-12 people must be arranged through the manager/assistant manager. These will be booked for 2 hour duration and only one reservation may be booked at a time. These guests also count as part of the 20 allotment.
  6. Non members “sneaking in” will not be allowed to enter for the remainder of the summer. Any member judged to be an accomplice in such a situation will be suspended for a period of time determined by the manager.
  7. Baby-sitters can register in the office. They will be allowed in without fee while accompanying the member children.
  8. Non members baby-sat by a member are treated as any other guest.
  9. Members are responsible to help their guests learn and follow all the club and pool rules.


The pool is also available for rent when not regularly open. We can accommodate groups up to 75 people. Rates, times and availability vary. Contact the pool manager if you are interested in finding out more.


The barbecues, tables and chairs are available for ALL to use on a first come, first serve basis.