Annual Immediate Family Pass

The Wedgwood Pool Board of Directors is considering a plan that will give adult children (over 26 years of age) of Active Full Members the option of purchasing an Annual Immediate Family Pass under the Full Member’s account.  With this plan, the adult child and family must be on the pool’s wait list to qualify. 
The adult children and their family may use the pool without being accompanied by the Full Member as a paid guest and will have full access to the pool and all activities, including swim team and water polo (participation on Swim Team is not allowed for guests). The cost of the Annual Immediate Family Pass will be the same as the annual pool dues ($1,350.00 in 2024) but because the Pass holder will not pay the Membership Fee it provides no ownership in the pool and the Family Pass holder may not vote on pool issues.  Because this is a trial, the Annual Immediate Family Pass does not carry a guarantee for access to the pool for more than one year.
This option is available to all Full Members who have 3 years of continuous active membership (without a leave of absence) and their adult children, but it may be of special interest to Members with children and grandchildren currently on the Waitlist but unable to take full advantage of pool activities.  If we have more requests for the Immediate Family Pass than we can accommodate, offers will be made based on the Waitlist number of the Full Member’s Adult Child. 
If this an option that your family would like to take advantage of, please complete the application and email it to membership:
The deadline to apply for this opportunity is May 15th.  After May 15th we will notify interested families of the status of their request.