Click here to download the waitlist (pdf)  Last Update: July 6th, 2023 

For privacy, families are listed on the web wait list under last name and first initials only. If you are one family with two different last names, you might be listed under only one name on the web list. Complete detailed information is kept on our master wait list by the Wait List Coordinator. If your name on the list appears in RED please contact us as we would like to know where you are.

Please Note: Key employees in spots 1-5, were initially on the waitlist, but have since moved up to their current spots while still employed. These employees remain at the top of the waitlist until such time as they are no longer employed by WW Pool, at which time they may join as members. By doing so these waitlist spaces remain available for new families wishing to join the pool.

Email any questions or wait list changes to waitlist@wwpool.org

The Waiting List is re-numbered after the pool closes in September. Families who have joined or dropped from the List are removed and new entries added. By October, waiting families may view their new number for the coming year via the online wait list.

The new number assigned to each waiting family remains their number throughout the following summer, until the list is updated again. Families are called and/or emailed and offered memberships in order, starting with #1, as memberships come up for sale anytime from October through pool opening in May.

CHANGED ADDRESS, EMAIL, OR PHONE NUMBERS? It’s your responsibility to notify the Wait List coordinator to keep your contact information current. If we are unable to contact you due to incorrect information, you may be dropped from the list. Email Wait List changes or questions to waitlist@wwpool.org or write to the address below.

NOTE: Waitlist positions are NOT transferrable.

Please note: In 2022 amilies waited a 14+ years before being offered membership. Membership sales vary from year to year and those getting on the list now may likely wait longer.

To add your name on the wait list, send a note with your:

Phone numbers
Email address
along with a $150 non-refundable check made out to “Wedgwood Pool Wait List”.

Mail to:
Wait List
C/O Wedgwood Swim Club
PO Box 15104
Seattle, WA 98115

You will receive a mailed confirmation of placement onto the the Waiting List. Your cancelled check is your receipt along with your confirmation letter.

Please keep both confirmation letter and check for proof of wait list entry.

It is your responsibility to notify the wait list coordinator of any changes in your contact information during your wait via email or mail to the PO Box.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.