Adult Team Sign Ups

Hello adult swim team swimmers!

The adult meet is almost here and it is time to sign up for your races so you can show off your speed and bring the league title back to Wedgwood. The meet will be held on July 29th at Innis Arden. Sign-ups must be submitted by Thursday July 27th. The registration sheet is posted on the bulletin board outside the ladies locker room. If you cannot make it in before the 27th to sign up please email Coach Annie with your event preferences.

In addition to signing up for your events, we also need two timers to represent Wedgwood. If you are interested in volunteering your time submit your name to Annie. Timers for the adult meet must be 12 or older, so if you want to bring you kid along and set them up with a job, timing is a great way to do so. 

Happy (and fast) Swimming!